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[IP] I give up!

Kim,As I was reading your post I could feel your pain.Diabetes is hard enough
to deal with, let alone having added health problems on top of it.I joined
this list only a few months ago myself and from time to time have seen some
replies that seemed to be condescending.This may not have been the impression
intended, I can only hope.But after reading tons and tons of the messages
posted to this list, I do get the feeling that some here are more "medically"
educated.This is definetely a good thing,since we are dealing with a very
serious medical health issue.But to those with the benefit of increased
knowledge, it is just as important to realize we are here also for
support!That was probably the main reason I joined this org.I also do not get
much of that at home.As a matter of fact I was very recently told I "felt only
as good as I wanted to"!So I'm assuming that was the way you were made to
feel, like you had the power to make all your health problems go away if you
really wanted to!Oh don't we wish it were that easy!So I hope you will stay
with us here on the list, and maybe it's going to be a matter of sometimes
taking the good with not so good.I hope you are feeling better,physically and
DXD 1971
PMPG 5/97    

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