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Re: [IP] I give up

At 06:06 AM 4/9/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>    You're not only funny..but also wise! Excellent analysis of what I
>observe happening periodically not only with this group, but also with my
>breast cancer message board. Cyberspace has afforded us WONDERFUL
>opportunities, but the cautionary note is precisely what you articulated so
>well- not to OVERreact too hastily to anything you read. If something is
>troublesome, take the time to respond DIRECTLY by e-mail to the person who
>originally wrote the post, rather than shunning the entire group & all that
>it has to offer.

I've been called a "wise-guy" before... :-)

Seriously folks, I've been involved with email for over 12 years. And, I've 
seen a lot of misunderstandings just because the mental translation of the 
written word can be so imprecise. My basic watchword is: "If something CAN 
be misunderstood, you can guarantee that someone WILL misunderstand it."

This is the reason why people have developed "emoticons" (the side-ways 
smiley faces, etc.) to help convey our real feelings. It's also too easy to 
think of these messages as directed to us personally, just because they 
arrive in our own email inbox. In actuality this list is more like a very 
public bulletin board... we're all just tacking up messages on the public 
board so that others can see what we've said. Everything here is public and 
should not be taken as personal.

(just my 3 cents worth... that's 2 cents after taxes)

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