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Re: [IP] I give up

     I was just told by a friend who thought he was being treated fro a heart
problem that he is type two to limit his carbs to 30g's a day.  He is not
overweight. But according to his doctorand I don't quite understand all of this but
do support my friend- the ciculating insulins release is basically off and lower
carbs is better for him.  My CDE just told me that in a way it is easier being type
1 because insulin and carbs are easier to control that way.  I have trouble but
maybe it isn't as common to have the difficulties as not for type 1's and of course
some of us type1's take on characteristics of type 2 when we gain weight I was
told. DM just is so hard to deal with no matter what type you have and yes YMMV but
we can do it.  By the way all who are interested my CDE said there is a book
dealing with the differences in handling carbs as a type two and all the other
things going on.  we all need to stick together the support is nec to us all. But
each situation is individual and we cannot know how it is for someone else but we
can relate and try to be understanding because those who don't live with diabetes
trully don't have a clue and many times have been misinformed or haven'tbeen keep
up to date on the lastest info.  Hang in there all you pumpers out there!Sheila

Fran Baumgartner wrote:

> Kim,
> Please don't give up on this list.  At times I have felt the same way, but then
> I shake myself and get rid of that thought.  This list has given me far to much
> as far as support and great suggestions when I've run into problems.  I can't
> stress this enough, but on this list you must take everything with a grain of
> whatever.  Meaning the YMMV is very crucial, for this disease is so different
> for each of us.
> For example.  I read about people eating pizza, cheese cake, and how quickly
> humalog hits them and I think "I wish".  For me humalog hits my system after
> about an hour to an hour and a half.  I eat pizza or cheese cake and I am
> paying for it for two days.  Oh and the breakfast cereal.  I love breakfast
> cereal, but they make for a really lousy day.  Thank goodness I am half asleep
> until about 8:00 a.m. so I can't too depressed about not eating breakfast
> cereal.  :-)  Point being, it's different for each of us.  We need to find what
> works best for us and then with that information to the best we can to stay in
> those limits.  For me it's a choice.  Pizza, feel lousy, vegetables and feel
> good.  Sure sometimes I choose Pizza, but not too often.
> I wanted to address the carb issue and please what I am about to write is
> coming from my heart and only intended to give you something else to think
> about.  I have found what works best for me is staying on a very low carb
> intake.  My blood sugars do great.  The minute I introduce 20 plus carbs in a
> meal I end up with a bs in a higher range ruining my nice slightly bumpy
> horizontal line.  In turn eating less carbs I don't use as much insulin but I
> also have more stable blood sugars.  So this is a choice I make that works for
> me.
> Kim, thank you for having the courage to share your story.  I hope what I have
> written as well as several others have been helpful to you and encouraged you
> to hang on to the list.
> Fran B.
> Type I 36 years dx 3
> Kim Hughes wrote:
> > To everyone on the digest (at least to those to offer criticism)
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