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Re: [IP] Re: No thank you, etc.


Thank you so much for sharing.  I needed to hear that too.  I've been struggling at
the weight I am for over a year now.  It's so frustrating.  I eat right, I exercise,
etc. and the weight just won't come off.  Arg!  But, now I am trying to look at myself
in the mirror and tell myself it's ok where I am at and not to give up on trying.
Because bottom line the eating and exercising are good for my diabetes control and
that is the ultimate goal.

Thanks again,
Fran B.

> Don't want to turn this into a political forum, but I feel compelled to address
> the weight issue.  I'm sure there's no woman on this list who hasn't felt the
> pressure to get or stay thin at one point or another.  Diabetic women (and
> probably men, too) are even more susceptible to eating disorders than the regular
> population.  I still have to fight my mind's assertion that I should weigh what I
> did 10 years ago, blah, blah, blah.  I have gained 45 pounds since I was diagnosed
> with diabetes, partly because I was underweight at diagnosis, but also because I
> am in better control.  Kim-I'm 5' 1", and 125 isn't a realistic weight for me
> either--don't listen to that BS!  It comes to this:  I worry about health first.
> If I lose some weight or gain some tone and strength, that's a great side-effect.
> But I refuse (and it's a constant process of refusal--those cultural messages are
> *strong*) to give those numbers too much power.
> You're struggling with more health-wise than most people could, and you seem to be
> doing it with an amazing degree of grace and joy.  There's nothing "ugly" about
> your picture.
> Jen

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