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Re: [IP] I give up

    So sorry to hear about your mother's horrific treatment, but sadly, not 
totally surprised either. Hopefully, thanks to the power of cyberspace & 
groups such as this one, the legacy for future generations will be to NEVER 
AGAIN settle for such dismissive, negligent treatment. Managed care has many, 
many faults, but one of the (few) benefits to emerge has been the notion of 
doctors being yet another "service industry" - meaning that we can "fire at 
will", as we would have with an incompetent plumber, butcher, baker or 
candlestick maker!!! My parents' generation still hasn't evolved passed the 
era of physicians being "revered", whatever level of care they may dispense.

Regards, Renee (mother of a very independent 16 yr old pumper who's going for 
her driver's license test tomorrow!!!! EEEEEKKKK!)
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