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[IP] RE: To Purchase a Pump

Hello everyone

Has anybody recently, purchased a Minimed 507c, and no longer have the
use for their 507.  I know of a woman, who at present has on loan a 507
m/med pump for the next 8 weeks.  The cost to purchase here in New
Zealand, is outragous, so if anyone would consider selling one to her,
that was still under warranty, I know she would definitely be interested
in purchasing via the USA, or closer to home, a well looked after pump.
She has decided to go ahead with a pump, because she and her husband are
going to try for a baby in the very near future.  She's had a rough
patch over the last 18mths with breast cancer, but this has all been
caught in time.  Her appointment with the 'so called diabetic
specialists' here in NZ was a disaster, and all they could tell her to
do, was follow the video - and only contact them if it was a medical
problem.  They said please don't ring in the weekend, as no one will be
available to help.  Thankgoodness my husband, who has had his 507 for
18mths now, has been able to support her, and show her how and what the
pump can do.  In NZ, they are not educated with pumps, and they
certainly discourage any diabetics to get one.  Boy its an up hill
battle all the way here.  I was so greatful, that you fellow pumpers
were there when Kevin, needed help and advice, otherwise Kevin would not
be on a pump today.  Thanks everyone

Lynette ( from New Zealand)
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