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Re: [IP] I give up

At 06:53 PM 4/8/1999  Kim Hughes wrote:
>To everyone on the digest (at least to those to offer criticism)
>I have been a little shocked over some of the comments I have gotten
>through the digest.  I thought I could be myself, but obviously I can't.
>The attacks aimed at people with Type II rather surprised me with the
>undercurrent insinuating that those with Type II must somehow be
>responsible for their condition, i.e., they eat too much and don't
>exercise.  Maybe if I showed some self-control and pushed myself away from
>the table I would loose weight and therefore "cure" my diabetes.
>Unfortunately, that same attitude exists among the medical community as
>well.  That is why it took 4 years to diagnose me as Type I or rather Type
>1 1/2.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't think any of the comments 
were meant as personal criticism. Communicating strictly by the written 
word is sometimes very difficult, since we cannot see the visual clues that 
we normally get via oral communication. When we offer suggestions or make 
comments, we cannot see you and know almost nothing about your actual 
life-style. At the same time you can't see us and have no idea about the 
spirit in which the comments were made. Unfortunately, in this situation we 
commonly make generalizations when we respond to things we see on this 
list. And as with most generalizations, they are as likely to be wrong as 

When people make comments, please don't take it as criticism. This group is 
like a brain-storming session. We are all just offering our own ideas based 
on our personal experience. If someone's comments are wrong, just either 
ignore it or make a correction. In this way we all learn together.


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