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Re: [IP] I give up

never give up..there are over 1,000 people on this list now and I  don't
believe everyone here has a "model" type body. No one is perfect and living
with diabetes is a struggle. so don't get discouraged here.  It is
important to
try to get blood sugars to get under control but that takes time and a good
balancing of all factors involved. When my mom was diagnosed with diabetes
years ago the doctor was abusive to her about her weight. She wasn't but a few
pounds over weight. She never got the proper help (insulin) until 2 years ago
this May when she had a heart attack and by pass surgery and I intervened and
got a kidney specialist involved as she was spilling protien and I asked
him if
mom should be on insulin and he was upset! he said she had been a diabetic for
MANY MANY years and should have been on insulin. Instead her family doctor all
of those years verbally abused her. She didn't get the help she needed..all of
her arteries in her heart became brittle from the diabetes. They fixed the
of her heart that they could but is will never work right. And she became
a few years back from diabetes and STILL that doc never gave her insulin.
IF he
didn't have such a "napolian"(sp) attitude she could have been giving proper
treatment for her diagnosis.
She lost all her weight after her heart surgery and has kept it off and you
know what? She still needs insulin and she still has diabetes.
Thankfully this doctor retired. NO one ought to be subjected to that type of
humiliation and abuse like my mom went through by a medical professional.
is NO excuse for that.
I wish you well on your journey with diabetes and I hope you stay on board.
If you have questions you can email me if you want ok?
email @ redacted
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