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Re: [IP] I give up

  Hang in there.  I care.You do what is best for you.  You know yourself better
than anyone and owe no explanations for your situation.  Things will improve.
I know it is hard to belive that sometimes. I have type 1  and I too need to
lose weight and have managed to lose 20lbs it ahs not been easy especially on
injections it seems I could never just exerciase and not eat without getting a
low.  Now Iv'e accomplished some weight loss but believe or not the doctor told
me not to get so excited I'm not through yet.  some pat on the back for such a
feat.I'm 5'7' and was 169. I feel I was beginning to become somewhat insulin
resistant.. I also have a hypo thyroid and as I mentioned earlier am beginning
menopause.  I think all of these these that you and I deal with make control
and weight loss difficult.But I do feel we can do it and in time . Hang in
there! Sheila

Kim Hughes wrote:

> To everyone on the digest (at least to those to offer criticism)
> I have been a little shocked over some of the comments I have gotten
> through the digest.  I thought I could be myself, but obviously I can't.
> The attacks aimed at people with Type II rather surprised me with the
> undercurrent insinuating that those with Type II must somehow be
> responsible for their condition, i.e., they eat too much and don't
> exercise.  Maybe if I showed some self-control and pushed myself away from
> the table I would loose weight and therefore "cure" my diabetes.
> Unfortunately, that same attitude exists among the medical community as
> well.  That is why it took 4 years to diagnose me as Type I or rather Type
> 1 1/2.
> I had hoped that by offering my story I would help or encourage some of you
> who are battling insulin resistance.  And some of you have been kind in
> return and I am glad that I have encouraged you.
> To Ted Quick, email @ redacted, who wrote: "Wll, what if you
> voluntarily reduce how much carb you eat, therefore avoiding NEEDING so
> much insulin?"
> I currently eat 250-280 carbs per day, part of an 1800 calorie diet.  Where
> would you have me cut?  Maybe I should try the new fad diet where you don't
> eat any carbs at all.  (The question is retorical.) I eat a well-balanced,
> healthy diet that is by no means extravagant or excessive.
> Ted continues, "Reducing insulin depends on reducing carb ingestion"
> There is more to reducing insulin requirements than just eating less.
> Maybe I should stop taking the cortisone that I require to live?  It would
> certainly reduce my insulin requirements.
> I had hoped that this group would be an encouragement to me, since I have
> no support here at home.  As you can tell I am a little sensitive right
> now.  My doctor has taken me of my estrogen for a week in order to do some
> blood work.  But the good news is I am using less insulin, about 20% less!
> After all, that is the goal, isn't it?  Maybe I will stay off of the
> hormones so I can maintain an acceptable dose, according to you, of
> insulin.  Now if I stop eating I'll be home free.
> Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/99
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