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Re: [IP] Beginner Questions

You'll probably get several answers, but here's my 0.02 cents worth

> I understand that the insertion set needs to be changed every 2-3
> days, and that the tubing can be reused,
Standard medical protocol for changing an infusion device of this 
type is 2 days, that said, most pumpers change every three days. My 
daughter changes twice a week so she has a stable schedule (every 3rd 
and 4th day).

> but does the insulin
> cartridge also need to be changed each time? 
No, use it until it's empty if that is more convenient

>Is it possible to fill
> the cartridge to 1/4, rather than 1/2?  If not, can the remaining
> insulin be reused? 
Any of the above.

> If one is using a mix of veloinsulin and humalog, is it mixed
> directly in the cartridge, 
Yes, usually this the technique used by most people. The V goes in 
first (the smaller amount) then the H to promote better mixing. 

> or in a sterile vial?  
A few people do this I think. It's not recommend because nothing is 
known about the stability of the mixed insulins. There may be 
differences in the carrier solution that could affect the long term 
stability of the insulins.

> Is it necessary to place a dressing over the EMLA cream after
> application? 
I keeps from getting the stuff on your clothes, not really another 

> and it caused a rash after only
> being there for 1 hour.  
Check carefully for tape allergies. With some people, various tape 
will raise blisters. Very uncomfortable. If you suspect this, do a 
skin test with an assortment of tapes.

> As far as sanitizing the
> insertion area, is soap and water sufficient, or is it necessary to
> use IV prep as well?
Guess that's up to you. My daughter uses
1) ice (in baggie) for 5 minutes
2) providin wipe (iodine based) let dry
3) remove excess of  above with alcohol prep, let dry
4) IV prep, let dry
5) IV3000 (only for sofset, not for Tenders)
6) insert set
7) top with tape (only for sofset, not for Tenders)

She's had one minor site infection in 4 1/2 years

> And finally, in recent digests I've read varying percentages
> regarding the total amount of insulin needed on shots vs pumping. 
> Some people are started at 50% of their previous dose, and other's
> at 90%.  How is this determined?
Trial and error.

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