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[IP] Losing Weight

Donna wrote:

> I know that I need to lose weight and I've started trying Im averaging 74 units
> now (prepump) and am hoping to be on a lower dose when pumping. Ive gone from
> diet only to pills to one shot a day to 3 shots/day to finally the pump next
> monday.  Don't tell me if I just lose weight I wouldn't have to do that.  Bull
> Crap! granted I may have to take less but I would still have to take insulin
> (had the test) I still have people tell me this and I just look at them like
> they are crazy. 

Don't you  hate that assumption???  I lost 30 lb., about 17% of my total
body weight, which is a significant amount, but it didn't make the DM go
away. My insulin dose did come down a bit, but I still need it -- and I
prove it to myself every once in a while by trying to go off it. Doesn't

At the moment, my BMI is just above 25 -- which is considered the upper
limit of normal -- obese is considered to be 30 -- so I don't think you
can blame my DM on my weight, even if it looked like it in the

Plus my grandmother got downright skinny and was never able to go off
insulin, and my uncle was never fat at all. 

I'd really like to be a Type 1, just to put all the blather to rest, but
I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm lucky enough to be able to control my
DM with small doses of insulin, and insulin doesn't make me gain weight
-- I'm currently using around 20 - 25 units a day -- pre-pump it was 30
- 35 units a day -- and my BGs are doing pretty well!

Hang in there, kiddo! YMMV and all that!


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