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[IP] Re: more about bras and educating the non-diabetic

> From: Donna <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease
> As for the pump in the bra
> Im glad to know Im not alone.  I thought that will be great I can stick it up
> there and no one will know NOT!  It sticks out further than my breast do.

This really cracked me up!  I totally relate.  I've been tempted to buy the pouch
from Unique, but knew in my heart I was just fooling myself.  And I *hate* that
thigh thing!  I was so excited when I got it, after using garter belts, but it
falls down and can shred stockings to oblivion in about 2 seconds flat.


> My mom and sister started crying when I
> told them I was going on the pump they assumed I was dying or something.

I wish I had a dollar for every person who, learning that I use an insulin pump,
says, "Oh, you must have it *really bad*!"  Always a chance to educate.

> P.S. I "suited up," went to her office with all my little "toys," and
> educated that woman until her eyes glazed over.

Ha!  I love it!


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