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Yeah.  Well I have known for 6 years or so that I am allergic to most
scented things and dyes.  So I have been using All Clear and Unscented downy
on my clothes.  Which seems to work.  The spots that are bothering me are
weird.  They are about half way up my calves.  I was wondering if it was
because when I sleep my pajama bottoms move up and get caught right on my
legs in that spot.  Maybe it is the lack of air between my leg and the
fabric that is causing me problems?  Hmmmm....  The rash is only on the
front of my legs and in a circular pattern.  gave up asking anybody because
every solution they had made it worse.

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Date: Thursday, April 08, 1999 2:30 PM
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>Sherry:  I was having a 'rash' problem, too.  Narrowed it down to 'jams,
>finally figured out it only happened when I used those fabric softener
>sheets! For some reason liquid Downey doesn't bother me, but boy, those
>sheets are killers.  Just thought I might throw that out for consideration.
>Take care, Joanne Mc
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