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Re: [IP] Beginner Questions

Al & Mary Rebholz wrote:
> I understand that the insertion set needs to be changed every 2-3 days,

Actually it varies, as in YMMV.

> and that the tubing can be reused, 

With Silhoettes/Tenders/Comforts it does, MiniMed sets don't.

but does the insulin cartridge also
> need to be changed each time? 

If you have a MiniMed it may be used twice, but the "O"-ring seals on
the plunger lose lubricationt silicone by then.

Is it possible to fill the cartridge to
> 1/4, rather than 1/2?  

Of coures. There's nobody FORCING you to put in more than he needs.
It's pretty much just a syringe, which we all tend to load as needed, 
or at least USED to...

> If one is using a mix of veloinsulin and humalog, is it mixed directly
> in the cartridge, or in a sterile vial?  

I've done it both ways. Somebody thought that leaving any in a vial might lead
to problems with the Humalog changing because of the differences in
or the amount thereof, in each kind of insulin. So now i just do it wehn I load 
the pump syringe.

If it's in a sterile vial, do I
> mix just enough for one cartridge, or can I do more and refrigerate it?

It would get a bit impractical if you only fill it up to 1/4 full, since
that would be about 75 units, which is a bit difficult to split well into
a 5 to 1 (or whatever) ratio, unles you do it with a no-pump syringe.
Ted Quick
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