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Re: [IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

According to Bayer, the new Elite was to have been out the end of March.
But , like Microsoft, they never seem to meet their announced deadlines.
Anyway, the meter will be available soon from Fifty-50 pharmacy , 1 800
7467 5050, and according to them, it will likely be given away free if you
buy enough strips.  I already have 3 Elites, work, downstairs, upstairs,
but really like the new smaller profile of the new XL model.
	I also discarded the DEX I tried, because it was so variable, and
randomly gave wildly erroneous readings compared to my  Elites.  I disagree
with Bob.  The meters can be compared and should give consistent results.
One may be higher or lower a bit than another, but this differnce should be
predictable.  All my 3 Elites are consistent with each other, but slightly
different from the Lifescan I  used to have.  That's ok, but the DEX was
very unpredictable.  Several others have noticed the same behavior.  Don't
know if it is the strip or the meter, but since I threw it out, I don't
care any more.  Either explanation was reason enough.

<<<<<<Hey Leann, thats good to know.  I used the Elite for years never had a
problem.  The only reason I changed was so I could download  the results to
a computer.  I'll call Bayer tomorrow and get the lowdown on that new Elite.
The DEX is a blood gobbler.  I didn't know it had to be kept level, I was
told and found, by the way, That a 30 deg. angle was best. This seemed to be
so and also if the sharp end of the strip hits the blood first it seems to
suck it up better.  Don't ask me why.
I really think the problem is with the strip not the meter.

* Wayne *

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