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[IP] Beginner Questions

Well, our insurance quickly approved the pump for my five-yr old
daughter Kelly, but now we're having trouble getting them to approve the
pump training.  Hopefully, it won't be a protracted battle, but in
anticipation of getting started I was wondering if anybody could help me
with the following:

I understand that the insertion set needs to be changed every 2-3 days,
and that the tubing can be reused, but does the insulin cartridge also
need to be changed each time? Is it possible to fill the cartridge to
1/4, rather than 1/2?  If not, can the remaining insulin be reused?  I
ask because we will only be using about 15 units a day, so 150 units per
half a cartridge is quite a bit of wasted insulin.

If one is using a mix of veloinsulin and humalog, is it mixed directly
in the cartridge, or in a sterile vial?  If it's in a sterile vial, do I
mix just enough for one cartridge, or can I do more and refrigerate it?

Is it necessary to place a dressing over the EMLA cream after
application?  I ask, because the disetronic representative applied a
transparent dressing over the area, and it caused a rash after only
being there for 1 hour.  The tape on the tender insertion set didn't
seem to cause any problem, but the Skin-So-Soft we used a few days later
to remove the adhesive from the tender also caused a rash.  Do most
people use baby oil for this purpose?  As far as sanitizing the
insertion area, is soap and water sufficient, or is it necessary to use
IV prep as well?

And finally, in recent digests I've read varying percentages regarding
the total amount of insulin needed on shots vs pumping.  Some people are
started at 50% of their previous dose, and other's at 90%.  How is this

Sorry for the length of the message.  I have been a faithful reader of
the digest for a few weeks now, and have really learned a lot.  Thank
you all!


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