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[IP] Starting Insulin MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank all of you for your help in the last month or so.  Yesterday I
had my first training session for the pump.  I LOVE IT!!  I wish they had
started me on insulin right then.  I was terrified that the softset would hurt
going in but with the softserter it didn't.  My trainer is great! She is a pump
wearer too which makes all the difference in the world.  Very supportive.  When
she called today and told me that my doctor didn't want me to go on the pump
until the 19th of this month I wanted to cry.  She told me to give him a call
and see if he would let me go on right away (he is going out of town and won't
be there for support *rolling eyes*). I called and told him I had called her and
asked if I could start insulin earlier than Monday so I would be ready when it
came time for me to go out of town, promised I would check often and would
adjust like I had been doing (took that upon myself)  with my meal boluses if
too high.  He said if she agreed to take calls when something went wrong to go
ahead just to be cautious and run on the high side.  No hypos or dka.  She
readily agreed.  I could never have done it without her help (coaching always
helps) *G*  I still can't feel the infusion set which amazes me.  It really
stinks having to give shots when I could be pushing buttons! I would recommend
going on the pump to anyone and everyone! I want to tell everyone and show them
how it works! (It wouldn't matter if the infusion set was on my butt I would
still show them)  Sorry for the rambling Im just so thrilled. 

(Pumping saline now but come Monday Im on the real stuff) :-)
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