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Re: [IP] missed bolus..long night...wish we had a reminder alarm!

> YOU DO?  I didn't want to be too aggressive with a child.  We don't want
> a big low in the middle of the night.  But, as it seems to be finally
> going down, it looks like I just was not covering what she missed.
> Plus, as a rule, Erica goes up a bit through the night from midnight
> until the wee hours so that may have played a part too.
> Could use some input.on this one from anyone who has missed bolusing
> that bedtime snack.

You can't skip too much of it or you/she will be high.  If you wait more
than 3-4 hours before you get back under 300 or so, you will generally start
to encounter some insulin resistence (this varies quite a bit) so the longer
it takes to get it down, the more total units you will need.  Since humalog
is so much faster, you can usually be down in 2-3 hours max, but even on a
bad night shouldn't take more than 5.  In this case, you probably will only
need to take the insulin you missed but not any extra.  If you want to go a
tad under to be safe (.1-.7 or.8 on the pretty high end), you can
undershoot.  If she already goes up, I would probably do the whole 3 units
since even that might not do it.  Bascially, if you missed 3 units you need
3 units for the food.

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