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[IP] Travel to France

To any/all experienced travelers to France (or Europe for that matter),

Been on the 507c since 7/98.  Love it.  Much better control than
multiple injections.  IDD for 33 yrs.
Been to Europe several times over the 33 yrs. w/diabetes.  It was easy
figuring out the supplies for travel, but then I only knew "multiple

Is there anything I need to be aware of in traveling to France and the
use of the pump?  Any wise tips from those who have gone before me?
Things like ?how much extra supplies to take; do I need a note of any
kind from the doctor, etc.?  For supplies, I usually just double what I
anticipate to use.  This will get cumbersome as I'm gone 3 wks. but
"c'est la vie!"  I suppose.
I know that MiniMed has an office in Paris so that provides some
comfort.  I also speak the language.
Thanks, Debbie

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