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Re: [IP] No Thank you to Rezulin and Glucophage


We have to be in the same family!  We could be twins.  I haven't had the liver
problems yet but the rest is there. I couldn't take glucophage.  It would have
made me lose weight though, I couldn't eat. The risk factors added to my stress.
I know that I need to lose weight and I've started trying Im averaging 74 units
now (prepump) and am hoping to be on a lower dose when pumping. Ive gone from
diet only to pills to one shot a day to 3 shots/day to finally the pump next
monday.  Don't tell me if I just lose weight I wouldn't have to do that.  Bull
Crap! granted I may have to take less but I would still have to take insulin
(had the test) I still have people tell me this and I just look at them like
they are crazy.  Good Luck! 
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