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[IP] Re: Sof-set pain/problems in sides

I apologize this is late; I'm just wading through a backlog of 

I had the same problem. I started on the pump with Sof-sets last
June and they were perfectly comfortable until a few months ago,
for some reason. Then they would always feel like they were
digging around inside me, and I'd sometimes have to change two or
three times in one day. And I DEFINITELY couldn't put them in my
sides--they'd  hurt and/or get plugged up overnight (if I was
sleeping on that side). The nuisance and the expense made me very
hostile towards my pump.

A week ago I switched to Silhouettes and wow! now I know why
people LIKE the pump. No, you can't put them in with the Sof-set
inserter, but the comfort far outweighs that disadvantage. My
endo's nurse just told me about anesthetic pads you can put on
your skin about half hour before inserting. They freeze the skin,
if you find it hurts when you stick the needle in.

But ... all this got me wondering about what's going on with sets
in my sides. I was regularly getting a No Delivery alarm with my
breakfast bolus. Could it be that I was getting minor bleeding
that was plugging the end of the canula? There were never bruises
and only once or twice blood leakage when I removed the set. I
don't have a lot of fat to play around with, so it could be a
problem if I have to restrict myself just to my front.

dx 71, pumping 6/98

> Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 09:47:22 -0800
> From: Melvin Abbott <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] soft-sets
> Here lately every time I put in a new site it is uncomfortable within
> minutes. It feels like it is sticking me. Also it is  a little sore. Is
> there a another set you can
> use with the soft setter. I weigh 108. Any help would be appreciated.
>                         Tammy dx 1976
>                           pumping 1/99
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