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Re: [IP] missed bolus..long night...wish we had a reminder alarm!

     I'm sorry you had such a rough night.  I forgot twice back in January
when I first started pumping.  It wasn't at bedtime though.  I had a rough
time getting things back in line afterwards but of course I was still
adjusting my rates.I never forgot to take my injections all those years so I
was really angry at myself. We do learn from our own errors and it sounds
like you guys are on the right track of working out a system to remember.
Hang in there you guys are doing great!  Sheila

Duck And Barb wrote:

> Erica did it again.  I was out to a meeting, her dad gave her a bedtime
> snack, told her to bolus....and well she didn't.  It is now 4:40 in the
> am and she is still around 360.  Her bedtime snack which was around
> 9:00pm consisted of Mini Wheats and milk.  Her bolus amount was to be
> 3.0.  We discovered that she hadn't done her bolus when at 11pm her
> blood sugar was 396.  Usually 1 unit of Humalog will drop her about 180
> so I gave her that figuring it would take her down to near 200.  Two and
> 1/2 hrs later, she was still about the same so we gave her another unit
> of H and 2 hrs later she was still the same.  Got her up for a
> pee....absolutely no ketones...not even a trace and gave her another
> unit of H by the pump but I am now waiting for 5am to roll around so I
> can do another sugar reading as SURELY I should see a drop in the
> sugars.  If not, I will give a unit of H by syringe and change the site
> in the morning.  The site looks good, it IS attached, so WHAT gives?  It
> is not 2 days old yet and was working perfectly up until the missed
> bolus.  I am wondering, in the case of a missed bolus, would she still
> be breaking down the food a few hours later and would have actually
> needed more H to bring her down.  She had missed 3 units, but I used
> only 1 unit to bring her down at 11pm, another one unit at 1:15am, and
> another unit at 3:45am.  It is now 4:50am (YAWN)
> I am now going to check her sugar and see what happens......I am
> watching the countdown right now This is torture.... FINALLY!!  Thank
> God, it is starting to drop.  Only an hour later and it has gone down to
> 295.
> YOU DO?  I didn't want to be too aggressive with a child.  We don't want
> a big low in the middle of the night.  But, as it seems to be finally
> going down, it looks like I just was not covering what she missed.
> Plus, as a rule, Erica goes up a bit through the night from midnight
> until the wee hours so that may have played a part too.
> Could use some input.on this one from anyone who has missed bolusing
> that bedtime snack.
> As  a postcript, her poor dad will now check to see if Erica has
> remembered to bolus and not assume she has remembered.  On the other
> hand, Erica has reminded ME when I have forgotten to tell her the bolus
> amount.    This pump is a wonderful thing BUT it does make things so
> easy,  you forget!  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a reminder beep
> that you could program YOURSELF, to go off at a certain time of the
> day/night, especially if you consistently have a meal/bedtime snack
> around the same time each day/night?  It would be especially useful with
> a child.We could have used one tonight
> I am now dragging my butt up the stairs to the bedrooms, checking
> Erica's sugar AGAIN and hoping to see another drop.  I really hope this
> does not happen again for a long time.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz
> By the way.....doesn't anybody chat at 4:30am Atlantic time?  What a
> sleepy  bunch..I envy you tonight!
> See ya!
> Barb
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