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[IP] missed bolus..long night...wish we had a reminder alarm!

Erica did it again.  I was out to a meeting, her dad gave her a bedtime
snack, told her to bolus....and well she didn't.  It is now 4:40 in the
am and she is still around 360.  Her bedtime snack which was around
9:00pm consisted of Mini Wheats and milk.  Her bolus amount was to be
3.0.  We discovered that she hadn't done her bolus when at 11pm her
blood sugar was 396.  Usually 1 unit of Humalog will drop her about 180
so I gave her that figuring it would take her down to near 200.  Two and
1/2 hrs later, she was still about the same so we gave her another unit
of H and 2 hrs later she was still the same.  Got her up for a
pee....absolutely no ketones...not even a trace and gave her another
unit of H by the pump but I am now waiting for 5am to roll around so I
can do another sugar reading as SURELY I should see a drop in the
sugars.  If not, I will give a unit of H by syringe and change the site
in the morning.  The site looks good, it IS attached, so WHAT gives?  It
is not 2 days old yet and was working perfectly up until the missed
bolus.  I am wondering, in the case of a missed bolus, would she still
be breaking down the food a few hours later and would have actually
needed more H to bring her down.  She had missed 3 units, but I used
only 1 unit to bring her down at 11pm, another one unit at 1:15am, and
another unit at 3:45am.  It is now 4:50am (YAWN)

I am now going to check her sugar and see what happens......I am
watching the countdown right now This is torture.... FINALLY!!  Thank
God, it is starting to drop.  Only an hour later and it has gone down to
YOU DO?  I didn't want to be too aggressive with a child.  We don't want
a big low in the middle of the night.  But, as it seems to be finally
going down, it looks like I just was not covering what she missed.
Plus, as a rule, Erica goes up a bit through the night from midnight
until the wee hours so that may have played a part too.
Could use some input.on this one from anyone who has missed bolusing
that bedtime snack.

As  a postcript, her poor dad will now check to see if Erica has
remembered to bolus and not assume she has remembered.  On the other
hand, Erica has reminded ME when I have forgotten to tell her the bolus
amount.    This pump is a wonderful thing BUT it does make things so
easy,  you forget!  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a reminder beep
that you could program YOURSELF, to go off at a certain time of the
day/night, especially if you consistently have a meal/bedtime snack
around the same time each day/night?  It would be especially useful with
a child.We could have used one tonight

I am now dragging my butt up the stairs to the bedrooms, checking
Erica's sugar AGAIN and hoping to see another drop.  I really hope this
does not happen again for a long time.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz
By the way.....doesn't anybody chat at 4:30am Atlantic time?  What a
sleepy  bunch..I envy you tonight!
See ya!

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