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Re: [IP] No Thank you to Rezulin and Glucophage

yup, thot so, you just confirmed my suspicions.  100 units fits.  I'm 6'0"
an 214.  all these folks eatin and pumpin, it ain't the idea I don't think.
I'll continue my survey.
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From: Kim Hughes <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 11:02 PM
Subject: [IP] No Thank you to Rezulin and Glucophage

>To all of you blessed people who have been suggesting Glucophage and
>Rezulin, thank you, but no thank you!
>To Tom who was bold enough to ask my vital stats :-), here is the whole
>ugly picture!  I am 36 years old, 5"8" tall, large framed and weigh 212
>pounds.  Yup, it kills me too!  The right weight for my frame and height,
>according to my doctor, is 165 pounds (Weight Watchers say 125-yeh, right).
> I gained 30 pounds when I started on insulin, of course I was pregnant at
>the time, and I have been struggling to maintain, let alone take it back
>My endo suggested Rezulin.  Here is why I said no.  Before I got pregnant I
>was on maximum doses of Rezulin and Glucophage, and was also on Glucotrol
>and Precose.  There were weeks I didn't drop below 300.  I got the standard
>lectures to follow my diet better.  I swear, I followed it to the letter!
>Anyway, the third month I was on Rezulin, the second month at 400 mg, I was
>pregnant.  A little known side-effect of Rezulin is that is causes
>pre-menopausal women who do not ovulate to start ovulating.  So, three
>months of Rezulin did what 2 years of fertility drugs couldn't do.  Being
>36 and diabetic the thought of pregnancy now reaks terror in my heart! :-)
>So, if I take Rezulin to lower insulin resistance I would need to take
>birth control pills which would increase my insulin resistance.  See the
>vicious circle?
>As for Glucophage I did try that again a year ago.  I saw a decrease of
>insulin requirements of 10 units, just 10%.  With the side effects of
>possible liver failure, kidney failure (I already have kidney disease
>unrelated to my diabetes) and lactic acidosis I felt the risks to save 10
>units a day was not worth it.  My aunt died 3 days after having an
>angiogram while taking Glucophage because her family doctor, cardiologist
>and radiologist did not warn her to stop taking it.  When she went to the
>ER, the doctor did not do any blood work, just sent her home and told her
>to get some rest.  She was dead the next morning.  Glucophage is some
>serious medicine with serious risks that I choose not to take to save such
>a small amount of insulin.  I started to have liver problems when I was on
>it 2 years ago, but that was before it was known that Glucophage can cause
>this. (The doc said it was prabably my diabetes, couldn't possibly be the
>I constantly wrestle with the fact that I am 50 pounds overweight.  I know
>that I can lower my insulin dose and stop taking Creon (a pancreatic enzyme
>I take since I can't digest food either:total pancreatic failure) and I
>will start dropping weight easily.  But I know that it is better for my
>health that I am 40 pounds overweight with good control of my BG than to be
>a normal weight with BG in the toilet.
>While some of my insulin resistance can be attributed to my weight, I take
>cortisone for an adrenal gland problem. Cortisone can significantly affect
>your blood sugar.  My diabetes was diagnosed 6 months after starting on it.
> I am also peri-menopausal and on estrogen which also affects insulin
>requirements.  Fluctuating hormones can have some big effects on glycemic
>control.  Just ask a teenager!
>The first year I was on insulin was a nightmare for me.  At first I was on
>NPH and R, then when I was pregnant I began to experiment with Humalog.
>When I was pregnant to maintain a BG below 130 I could only eat 2 bread
>units (that was before I started carb counting) per day and they couldn't
>be at the same meal.  My endo felt that was fine.  I didn't.  I ended up
>miscarrying but that was because the pregnancy was in serious trouble
>before starting the Humalog.  And being overweight, and growing up that
>way, I found it extremely difficult to get over the hurdle of eating
>because the insulin was peaking rather than because I was hungry.  The pump
>and Humalog is the next best thing to not being diabetic.
>This is my story, be it long, and I am sticking to it!  :-)  Thank you for
>your concern.
>Kim dx 1993, pumping 7/99, fat since 1962!  :-))  (Double chin: grin)
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