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Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

In a message dated 4/7/99 4:33:42 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My endo has read me "the info" on long-term use of high doses of insulin
 and its relationship to heart disease.  The literature also is now saying
 that long-term use of oral hyperglycemics also causes heart disease, though
 how can they know this when Glucophage and Rezulin have only been on the
 market a few years?  
   As for the earlier comment about finding a place to put the pump,
 it just doesn't fit in your bra no matter what size you are.

Well, first -- it's oral *hypo*glycemics -- not hyper. That class includes 
sulfonylureas such as Orinase, Diabinase, Tolinase, Dymelor, Glucotrol (and 
Glucotrol-XL),   Diabeta, Micronase, Glynase and Amaryl. Sulfonylureas 
stimulate your pancreas to produce more insulin. Glucophage and Rezulin are 
not hypoglycemic medications -- Glucophage prevents the liver from releasing 
too much glucose and reduces glucose absorption from the small intestine into 
the blood and Rezulin increases insulin sensitivity. So type 2s who take 
sulfonylureas probably do have elevated insulin levels (which also 
contributes to weight gain, lovely little fat-storage hormone that insulin 

As for the second part -- you can *too* hide your pump in your bra (without a 
lump, even)! I do it all the time. OK, I'm well-endowed -- but Elvis *loves* 
riding in that "pocket." LOL

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