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Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

Kim Hughes wrote:
> My endo has read me "the info" on long-term use of high doses of insulin
> and its relationship to heart disease.  The literature also is now saying
> that long-term use of oral hyperglycemics also causes heart disease, though
> how can they know this when Glucophage and Rezulin have only been on the
> market a few years? 

That relates to sulfonurea drugs, which have been prescribed for Type 2s 
since the 1950s. Micronase, Diabonese and many other brands and varieties
were the choice for treatment among doctors, and usually still are.

 I really have to believe that the heart disease the we
> are seeing, especially in Type II diabetics, is more likely caused by the
> diabetes itself, poor eating habits and lack of exercise that is prevalent
> in the American population at large.  

True enough, but sulfonureas made it worse because they forced the pancreas
to produce even more insulin to fight insulin resistance. Much of the 
existing heart disease in Type 2s NOT caused by what yoiu said were 
caused by those drugs, albei indirectly.

Add to that the fact that
> uncontrolled diabetes in a KNOWN cause of heart disease and I think insulin
> is getting a bum rap.  I still hear medical professionals saying that the
> goal is to use as little insulin as possible.  The endo in the county here
> I live actually said that dosing insulin to carbohydrate consumption is
> "just chasing your tail and is counter-productive"  It is too bad that his
> patients will be missing out on the wonderful freedom that pumping can
> provide.

Wll, what if you voluntarily reduce how much carb you eat, therefore
avoiding NEEDING so much insulin? 

> I am currently on about 100 units a day, but that 100 units gives me good,
> tight control.  I have read case studies of people using 300-500 units a
> day who still were not controlled.  So I am back to the question, is it the
> insulin or the uncontrolled diabetes that is causing the heart disease?
> For now, I'll take my chances with the insulin.
Uncontrolled diabetes will DEFINITELY lead to heart (and other) complications.
Huge doses of insulin, whether endogenous (self-produced) or injected, make 
heart disease a problem by a different route: the walls of blood vessels are
made sticky by the large insulin dose present there which plugs up arteries.
Uncontrolled diabetics may get the same result but for the normal reasons,
such aspoor nutrition, multiplied. Either way it's not good for you, so control 
is the best answer available now. Reducing insulin depends on reducing carb
ingestion, so why have they been pushing high carb diets for the same time 
period they've been prescribing sulfonuras? Sounds like a job security issue
to me: THEIRS!

Ted Quick
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