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Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

In a message dated 99-04-07 17:33:24 EDT, you write:

<< The literature also is now saying
 that long-term use of oral hyperglycemics also causes heart disease, though
 how can they know this when Glucophage and Rezulin have only been on the
 market a few years?  >>

These 2 drugs are not in the sulfonylurea category, which seem to be the 
alleged culprits. The research studies  on oral diabetes drugs focused on the 
use of older oral drugs, was a small study, and was not well accepted by the 
medical community. There is more recent research, a 20 year study (UKPDS) 
that focused on Type 2's and tight control. The bottom line...use whatever 
combination of diabetes drugs to achieve the objective: normal BGs, normal 
blood pressure, weight loss, diet, exercise.
Barbara B.

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