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Re: [IP] Type 2 ?'s

In a message dated 99-04-07 00:58:20 EDT, you write:

<< I have a friend that checked her sugar this evening and it was 375 and 
then checked it again three hours later and it was 261.  We are thinking she 
has type 2 DM.
 So here are some questions...
 1.  Should she go to the doctor immediately or wait till Friday to see her 

She should call now and get an appointment.
<< 2.   She is having trouble falling asleep and then waking up.  She says 
she feels real groggy and has trouble waking up.  Is this DM related?>>

 <<3.  She has lost some feeling in her feet and hands...IF this is DM 
related, will she be able to gain some of the feeling back OR once lost, will 
it not return?>>

This may return after the BGs get back to normal. In Type 2, these symptoms 
often take 8 to 10 years to develop from the onset of Type 2. Very sneaky, it 
creeps up on people!
 <<4.  Can she be type 1 even if she is over 40?>>
possibly...Type 1, as an autoimmune condition can occur at any time. Her MD 
needs to do some tests.
 <<5.  Are there meds she can take to gain back some of the lost feelings?>>

BGs need to be under control for a few months to see what will recover.
 <<6.  She had heard that one of the symptons of DM was weight gain.  Is this 
true?  I had always heard of weight loss, but not the other, OR is this a 
symptom of Type 2?>>

 It is not unusual for Type 2 to gain weight. Most of them are overweight. It 
is part of the symptoms, but if high BGs continue untreated, then weight loss 
can occur if the pancreas insulin production wears itself out.
 <<7.  She feels hungry alot.  Is this another symptom of the high sugar and 
type 2?>>

Yes, it is a symptom. Her cells are not being fed properly. She most likely 
needs a meal plan, exercise plan, and medication. Her MD, should evaluate her 
Barbara B.
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