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Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

Kim, 100 units?  What are your vitals?  Height, weight, age etc.  You answer
private if you don't want to tell the whole WWW.
Tom    email @ redacted

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From: Kim Hughes <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 5:34 PM
Subject: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

>My endo has read me "the info" on long-term use of high doses of insulin
>and its relationship to heart disease.  The literature also is now saying
>that long-term use of oral hyperglycemics also causes heart disease, though
>how can they know this when Glucophage and Rezulin have only been on the
>market a few years?  I really have to believe that the heart disease the we
>are seeing, especially in Type II diabetics, is more likely caused by the
>diabetes itself, poor eating habits and lack of exercise that is prevalent
>in the American population at large.  Add to that the fact that
>uncontrolled diabetes in a KNOWN cause of heart disease and I think insulin
>is getting a bum rap.  I still hear medical professionals saying that the
>goal is to use as little insulin as possible.  The endo in the county here
>I live actually said that dosing insulin to carbohydrate consumption is
>"just chasing your tail and is counter-productive"  It is too bad that his
>patients will be missing out on the wonderful freedom that pumping can
>I am currently on about 100 units a day, but that 100 units gives me good,
>tight control.  I have read case studies of people using 300-500 units a
>day who still were not controlled.  So I am back to the question, is it the
>insulin or the uncontrolled diabetes that is causing the heart disease?
>For now, I'll take my chances with the insulin.
>A side note: I love this group.  I have learned so much in the past few
>weeks.  As for the earlier comment about finding a place to put the pump,
>it just doesn't fit in your bra no matter what size you are.  There is
>still a big lump that people stare at trying to figure out what it is.  If
>only we could get it (the pump) to beep on cue while they were staring! :-)
>Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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