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Re: [IP] High Insulin Dose & Heart Disease

Kim Hughes wrote:
> I am currently on about 100 units a day, but that 100 units gives me good,
> tight control.  I have read case studies of people using 300-500 units a
> day who still were not controlled.  So I am back to the question, is it the
> insulin or the uncontrolled diabetes that is causing the heart disease?
> For now, I'll take my chances with the insulin.

I asked both my endo and my cardiologist, and both felt that maintaining
good BGs was more important in the long run than the amount of insulin

I don't know how big you are, but there are a couple of possible
explanations for insulin-resistance, and you might be one of those
strange duckies who has characteristics of both Type 1 AND Type 2, and
possibly, metformin (Glucophage) or troglitazone (Rezulin) might help
lower your insulin resistance. 

Since 25% of the general population is insulin-resistant, I think it
likely that as much as 25% of the Type 1 population is insulin-resistant
as well. Type 1 "masks" what might have been Type 2 in other

I think your medical treatment should reflect your needs, not some
arbitrary pigeonhole of type. 

I had to fight long and hard to get out of that pigeonhole -- I'm in a
different place than you are, but I'm extremely grateful to have had my
doc's cooperation in individualizing my treatment. But I have to say
that part of it was due to my own study and research, and documentation
of the fact that I DON'T have either typical Type 1 OR Type 2, and that
oral meds just weren't working, and weren't GOING to work!

Good luck!
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