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Re: [IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

footprnt wrote:
> Ya Glenn, I've used it and still have it .  I recently retired it for 2
> reasons.
> 1. I didn't get a warm fuzzy feelin with it.  It seems to read too high and
> lots of error readings.  I double checked everything all is normal.
> Couldn't figure.......so

ALMOST the same here. I was getting readings all over the map. Some
really unbelievable ones, and not consistent or repeatable.

> 2. I got a Precision QID with my D pump and  ran parallel tests with it and
> the dex (same blood Drop). The Precision unit gave a lower reading every
> time.  So I've retired the DEX.  I feel more confident with this meter even
> though it's a little more inconvenient to use.

I did side by side testing with the Glucometer Elite, and got up to 30%
differences between the 2. Not acceptable. On the other hand, the
Accuchek Complete is always within a couple of points of the Elite.

Also, the Dex had the habit of running out of strips at inconvenient
times, and I found it to be a picky blood-guzzler, so I wasted a lot of
strips trying to get enough blood into it, while it was refusing to suck
up the blood.

It's a very technique-sensitive meter -- and for me, the less
technique-sensitive, the better -- I don't always have my meter on a
flat surface, in controlled conditions!

So I also retired mine -- it really didn't do the job.

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