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Re: [IP] supplies

Tara Dufour wrote:
> I looked and looked for the cannula, but I couldn't see it. I didn't want
> to open the package because I only got 1 sample of each kind.  I looked
> again this morning and I think I can see it.  I'm gonna be scared trying to
> stick that thing in.  Why do they all have such long needles? (compared to
> 8mm pen cap needles).

Several reasons for the lngth. Since itgoes in at a lower angle than regular
needles and still needs to reach something like the same depth as the needles
it must be longer. Think of it as being two sides of a triangle with 70 to 80
degrees between them. The pen needles are the short upright leg and the 
Silhouettes are the hypotenuse. (OOPS, there's anothr kind of hypo...<G> )

Also the pen needles NEED to be short because they are so thin. They actually
don't reach the same depth as the MiniMed QR needles for instance, but 
that's only to play it safe.

Ted Quick
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