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Re: [IP] supplies

At 05:51 AM 4/7/1999  Tara Dufour wrote:
>I looked and looked for the cannula, but I couldn't see it. I didn't want
>to open the package because I only got 1 sample of each kind.  I looked
>again this morning and I think I can see it.  I'm gonna be scared trying to
>stick that thing in.  Why do they all have such long needles? (compared to
>8mm pen cap needles).

The cannula is virtually invisible while it's on the introducer needle. 
Trust me, after you install it and pull the introducer needle out, the 
cannula will be there (you'll be able to see it). The needle looks much 
worse than it is. But, you use a shallow angle when you use it so it's not 
going straight in... in fact you don't want it to get to the muscle layer 
at all.


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