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Re: Re: [IP] FasTake vs Complete

Ronee wrote:

>I have compared both these meters and have found a consistently lower reading 
>on the Complete.  Does anyone have an idea re which is more accurate?  I keep 
>the FasTake in my pocketbook but use the Complete (actually the strips are 
>now backordered) at work and at home.  Any comments?  Ronee  

Yup - don't try to compare meters, even the same model / brand. You'll
probably end up driving yourself crazy. There are differences in design,
calibration, type of strip used, etc. and it makes comparison notoriously
difficult. I've used each of these meters and discovered that BG meters
have good days and bad days.

I use different meters on occasion and have learned to trust each meter's
set of readings for what it is - just a guide. I try to use one meter most
of the time. I realize that the results won't be the same and I don't try
to manage my BGs to make each meter read the same. What is important is
that *each* meter is generally consistent over time. I can't worry about
the results compared to another meter.

Bob Burnett

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