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Re: [IP] Diabetic Mastitis(?) and foot pain

At 11:58 AM 4/7/1999  Blanton wrote:
>Yes, I saw a dermatologist during my pregnancy for a skin rash.  He was the
>one on the medical plan and he flat out told me he would not treat me 
>because I
>was diabetic and pregnant.  All I asked for was an ointment or cream!!!  I
>paid out of the pocket to see someone else after I had it over a year.  I 
>out it was contact dermatitis.  Basically, i was allerfic to metal and 
>my computer chair arm rests and the car door!!!  I took 50mg zinc per day and
>used aloe vera gel topically and avoided the rubber and metal and it was 

I'm only 5' 10", average looks and have brown eyes... obviously all due to 
diabetes. I know that I should have been at least 6' 2", blue eyed and much 
better looking.  :-)


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