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Re: [IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

Ya Glenn, I've used it and still have it .  I recently retired it for 2
1. I didn't get a warm fuzzy feelin with it.  It seems to read too high and
lots of error readings.  I double checked everything all is normal.
Couldn't figure.......so
2. I got a Precision QID with my D pump and  ran parallel tests with it and
the dex (same blood Drop). The Precision unit gave a lower reading every
time.  So I've retired the DEX.  I feel more confident with this meter even
though it's a little more inconvenient to use.

Let me kno how u make out. OK?
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 11:11 AM
Subject: [IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

>I was in the endo's office the other day and the Bayer rep. happened to be
>there.  The receptionist at the endo is a pumper and the receptionist
>intoduced the rep to me.
>The rep. gave me a new Glucometer DEX and a 50 test box of the disks that
>used with this new meter.  I've been using this meter now for about a week
>(I'm about half way through the strips.)  I like it a lot compared to my
>One Touch II.  (I have also used the free meter that came from Minimed and
>didn't like it much.)
>If your interested in small size and quickness of use, this this is a meter
>to look at. It is about 3 inches around and inside holds a disk of 10
>test strips.  The meter pokes out the strips one at a time as you test.
>As I said, I have used it a week and liked it with my only dislike being
>I have had a couple of error tests from not getting the blood wicked into
>fast enough.
>I'm going to use it for another week or so and if I like it and can get the
>strips on my insurance I'm going to order the data cable and use this as my
>primary meter.
>Has anyone else used this meter yet?  What did you think?
>Glenn Weber
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