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[IP] Glucometer Dex Meter-Mini review

I was in the endo's office the other day and the Bayer rep. happened to be 
there.  The receptionist at the endo is a pumper and the receptionist 
intoduced the rep to me.

The rep. gave me a new Glucometer DEX and a 50 test box of the disks that are 
used with this new meter.  I've been using this meter now for about a week 
(I'm about half way through the strips.)  I like it a lot compared to my old 
One Touch II.  (I have also used the free meter that came from Minimed and 
didn't like it much.)

If your interested in small size and quickness of use, this this is a meter 
to look at. It is about 3 inches around and inside holds a disk of 10 sealed 
test strips.  The meter pokes out the strips one at a time as you test.

As I said, I have used it a week and liked it with my only dislike being that 
I have had a couple of error tests from not getting the blood wicked into it 
fast enough.

I'm going to use it for another week or so and if I like it and can get the 
strips on my insurance I'm going to order the data cable and use this as my 
primary meter.

Has anyone else used this meter yet?  What did you think?

Glenn Weber
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