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Re: [IP] Diabetic Mastitis(?) and Broken Neck

> Do any of you sometimes get the impression that docs "blame" anything they
> can't explain (or don't want to research) on diabetes?

You bet and even the things they can explain.  It's just an easy solution to any
problem. Ha!  I am sometimes tempted not to tell them I have diabetes.  10 years
ago I fractured C7 in my neck.  The first the doctor blamed it on was my
diabetes.  I guess the fact that I got thrown onto a hideaway bed and landed on
the mettle bar had nothing to do with it!  <VBG>  And I am certain that the three
hour ride on a motorcycle to the hospital didn't contribute at all ( actually
medically speaking this probably didn't, if anything I was lucky it didn't
paralyze me from the injury).  I get so tired of it.

>   Do you think my bad hair day is
> related to my diabetes?  :-)

Oh, but of course, everything is!  Hmm, now when I screw up at work or where ever
I can say I am having a bad hair day, which is caused by a life threatening
disease.  That should go over well!  <VBG>

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