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Re: [IP] Shoulder Holster

	The pattern I made for a clip case can be easily modified to get
rid of the clip and use a nylon web strap with velcro.  In fact I now use
this modification for  a belt clip that is much softer and more easily
accessible than the MM or Unique one.  It would be no problem to lengthen
the strap to make it a shoulder holster.   and if you make two, you can
keep that little 25 caliber on one side and the pump on the other :-)
	Email me privately with your mailing address if you want a copy of
the pattern or more info.

<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Tom, the holster sounds great to me!  I've been trying to think up a gadget
for my pump, but sure didn't think of the gun-holster-idea.  I love to sew,
so if you come up with a pattern, let me know!  Joanne M   <<<<<<<<

* Wayne *

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