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Re: [IP] supplies

I looked and looked for the cannula, but I couldn't see it. I didn't want
to open the package because I only got 1 sample of each kind.  I looked
again this morning and I think I can see it.  I'm gonna be scared trying to
stick that thing in.  Why do they all have such long needles? (compared to
8mm pen cap needles).

>The Silhouettes do have a teflon catheter.  The needle is only for insertion
>and is removed after insertion.  Did you get a sample of the Silhouette with
>your pump?  If you are thin I would go with the Silhouette, since it goes in
>on an angle rather than straight in.
>Good luck with your training.
>The Verreault Family
>Borden, Ontario, Canada
>email @ redacted
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>Date: April 7, 1999 6:37 AM
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