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Re: [IP] supplies

Hi Tara, I just started too. I'm using a D unit and started right off with
what they call a comfort set.  A 2 piece affair with plastic (Teflon)
cannala.  I left it in for 5 days and had no trouble at all very
comfortable.  The needle is intimidating for sure but I haven't felt either
one (lucky, picked a good spot I guess).  Just don't make the angle too
steep, 20 deg. is about right I think.  Go for it!!!!
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 6:37 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] supplies

>I got my pump last night, and holy cow did my stomach hurt looking at all
>the information I have to read and learn and especially those needles. I
>think I might start off using the Sof set ones first.  I was under the
>impression that the Silhouettes had a plastick canula too, but they don't.
>found out yesterday that my insurance company is going to cover the
>and I am just waiting for them to doctor up a letter to Respicare stating
>that they will cover the supplies.  My training for the pump isn't until
>Monday, but I think if I get all the supplies I need before then I will
>start on my own, after talking to my doctor for starting insulin dosages of
>course. He's already given me numbers but I need to make sure before I
>begin.  Wish me luck!
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>> Tara,
>> The combination sets come in a box of 5 complete sets (1 catheter and 1
>> in one package) and 5 packages of just the catheter.  They also have
>> of 10 complete sets.  When they say needles, they are refering to the
>> catheter part.  The catheter and tubing are separate things, you have to
>> them together once the catheter is in place.
>> Rick uses the 41" tubing.  He likes it because it gives him room to place
>> his pump on his dresser while he is changing his clothes.  The rolls the
>> tubing up and attaches it to the clip that is attached to his jeans
>> Hope this helps,
>> Brenda
>> The Verreault Family
>> Borden, Ontario, Canada
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