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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #36

>I started out on the big black one and then went to the CPI >Betatron.I had 
to go off because of an allergic reaction to the >metal.  We tried 
everything, but I couldn't keep a set in for more >than five minutes. I don't 
have the M, but trust me you will be >pleasantly surprised! I expected the 
same old pump just smaller >and different buttons.  Wow, I was so amazed at 
how far >technology had come.  Kind of silly considering how fast >technology 
is changing things. :-)  Anyway, the new pumps are >great.  A million times 
better than the CPI.  I really believe you >will be happy with the changes 
and have a much better go of it this >time around.  Good luck and enjoy.

Thanks Fran.  I have to say I received the pump Monday morning and after 
spending some time looking at it, all I can say is that theoretically the 
philosophy is the same: it gives you insulin.  Outside of that there is 
nothing in common with it.  I am so surprised and looking forward to the 
26th.  (When my doc is available to put me on it.)

For those of you who get the digest form how do you respond.  I have to 
download and open with Notepad.  But when I wrote my response I couldn't 
figure out how to get it online and return it.  Thanks.

dx 3/6/82
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