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[IP] the MM rep.

Today i called MM to find out about getting some info packets for several
people in my area. they cut me off in a second to give me the name of the
rep in my area.. ha  ha.

I called the Rep. and left a message (and i have to admit he returned it
QUICK).  within 5 minutes he called me back (Kyle Teude i think i butchered
that last name). I have to admit he is cool.  i told him that i was
starting a group and wanted to get some info packets on their pump
explaining to him that i was on the Disetronic and didn't want it to be a
one sided info give away (which he could not stop thanking me for being
willing to advertise "another" pump).  after telling me more about the MM
pump i told him i have heard alot about it and he asked "where did you hear
it from?"  i told him on the Net "insulin-pumpers" and i asked if he heard
of it he said " OHHH YA heard alot about the group".  ha ha
this is one guy i have found vary supportive of diabetes (even their

out of all the companies i have contacted this is the fastest company to
respond in responce of resources and donations for the support group i am
setting up (of course besides Disetronic which i have beening receaving box
after box of video/info packets..)

well i better hit the books again..  take care all.

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
email @ redacted
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