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[IP] RE: pump carrying devices

For those of you who want a challenge I have found a great material for
making my pump cases. I use them for swimming, running, on my belt and
under my wet suit. I get thin Neoprene, from knee braces and sew them
onto cases. I have sewn them to 4" plastic to wrap around my chest w/ a
shoulder strap secured w/ velcro. I use this for running, biking and and
kayaking. I have some w/belt loops and little windows for wearing on my
belt. This materials protects the pump and it's easy to get to the
buttons on my D pump. The Neoprene is hard to sew and you will need a
good machine. Make the pattern out of paper and then cut the pattern
out. don't allow for the seam in the pattern. This way the pump fits
really snug. You will have to secure the window to the Neoprene with
glue so the window will stay the same size when the pump in in the cae.
I have also made a few with velcro belt loops that I secure to the
inside of my nylon short over the belt band when I don't have belt loops
on the shorts. I sew a soft velcro piece on the inside.

With these cases and belts I can keep the pump close to my body, keep it
from bouncing and get to it easily. It's a challenging project. But it
is the best case I have found. I've been using some of the cases for 2

Stephen Woodward
email @ redacted

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