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[IP] Type 2 ?'s

I have a friend that checked her sugar this evening and it was 375 and then checked it again three hours later and it was 261.  We are thinking she has type 2 DM.

So here are some questions...

1.  Should she go to the doctor immediately or wait till Friday to see her doctor?

2.   She is having trouble falling asleep and then waking up.  She says she feels real groggy and has trouble waking up.  Is this DM related?

3.  She has lost some feeling in her feet and hands...IF this is DM related, will she be able to gain some of the feeling back OR once lost, will it not return?

4.  Can she be type 1 even if she is over 40?

5.  Are there meds she can take to gain back some of the lost feelings?

6.  She had heard that one of the symptons of DM was weight gain.  Is this true?  I had always heard of weight loss, but not the other, OR is this a symptom of Type 2?

7.  She feels hungry alot.  Is this another symptom of the high sugar and type 2?

Thanks for your help.  I am on the pump and am not familiar with the "other world" all that much.  I was wondering if any of you knew.

Thanks again,
Nancy Ludwig
Currently on a higher basal rate, because of a nasty cold.  :-)

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