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[IP] re:An Update to my Profile & HbA1C

I really enjoy reading all the posts, and am learning a lot. Have been
on the MM507C now for almost 2 months and just got the results of a new
HbA1C = 6.6. This is a good surprise for me, as I didn't think I was
doing that well. In fact my doctor wants me to stay right there.
 At first I was overwhelmed but then intrigued, by all the different
variables involved in 'good control' and then,... I wanted perfection.!!
I am an analyst and it seemed possible ...theoretically....but am now
learning to be more patient and accept that it is NOT possible to get
PERFECTION, even with all we now know.
I am so glad I went on the pump. It is already making a big difference
to my life.
BTW, when I sent in my profile 2 months ago I forgot to put that I am
living in Gilroy, CA, though originally from England.
Thanks for all the effort to keep this site going. Congratulations!
Gill    (short for Gillian ...with a soft  G)

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