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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #35

> From: Blanton <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re:not regulated yet
> I have been on the pump a few weeks now and hoped to have broken my
> resistance to the very large doses of insulin I have been taking.  So far, I
> am still in the high 200's to mid 300's all day and night.  My DE has upped
> my basal rateds every day but I am starting to really feel awful.  How long
> does it usually take to get controlled in a similar situation?  I started on
> 1/4  of my regular dose and am now up to half.  I was told I would never
> need/take my previously high doses again but here i am feeling lousy.
> Lindae

It does take awhile to get "balanced" on the pump.  Staying in the 200-350 range for
that long is so draining, though!  I'd focus on adding insulin in order to get your
numbers down.  Don't worry about the high doses yet; at this point it's more important
that you feel o.k.  Even if you end up on the same dosage, I think you'll find you have
increased flexibility and that you feel better overall.

> From: Duck And Barb <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Erica's 3 Week Pump Check..
> I am sure you are all sick of hearing how great Erica is doing.

I'm not.  Your enthusiasm is wonderful, and it's nice to hear about a little girl who
is benefiting from technology most of us have only had access to as adults.
Statistically, there is a slightly increased risk that I will have a diabetic child.
While I know what to do with myself, I think I would feel totally different about
having a diabetic child.  I might be more prepared than most, but I know it would be
extremely difficult.  I applaud you and the other parents on this list who are taking
intelligent risks and giving your children the reigns to a healthy future.  Thanks.

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