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[IP] Diabetic Mastitis(?) and foot pain

Do any of you sometimes get the impression that docs "blame" anything they 
can't explain (or don't want to research) on diabetes? I had a podiatrist 
once who waved off my complaints that my foot hurt to "Well, you're a 
diabetic." So I switched podiatrists. Turns out my foot hurt because I had 
two fractures. Which led to two inflammed nerves. Which led to two surgeries 
to remove the aforementioned inflammed nerves. Which I probably wouldn't have 
gotten had the first podiatrist done some further tests instead of assuming 
it was because I have DM. And none of it was because of DM -- it was because 
I'm a *klutz* and fell down some steps! But it did teach me to tell my docs 
that there's more to me than DM and to please do some further investigation.


Hi Jan,

It is not an impression!  I read somewhere recently that a random check of
medical records for medicare and medicaid patients who were diagnosed with
diabetes revealed that an alarming number of them were not treated for any
other major disorder!  This was determined by which medications the
patient's were on.  You would think that since diabetes "causes" so many
other problems that we would be on more medications, but that is not the
case.  My gynocologist just told me that I am at increased risk for uterine
cancer because of my diabetes and I read earlier in this digest that it
also causes early menopause?!  I am glad you had the initiative to seek
further treatment for your foot pain.  Do you think my bad hair day is
related to my diabetes?  :-)

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/99

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