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[IP] Re:not regulated yet

<Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 15:08:36 -0400
<From: Blanton <email @ redacted>
<Subject: [IP] Re:not regulated yet

<I have been on the pump a few weeks now and hoped to have broken my,
<resistance to the very large doses of insulin I have been taking.  So far, I
<am still in the high 200's to mid 300's all day and night.  My DE has upped
<my basal rateds every day but I am starting to really feel awful.  How long
<does it usually take to get controlled in a similar situation?  I started on
<1/4  of my regular dose and am now up to half.  I was told I would never
<need/take my previously high doses again but here i am feeling lousy.

Hi Linda,

My pump trainer started me on a much lower dose of insulin than I was
previously using, about 60%.  She didn't want me to go low.  Most people
probably need less insulin but everybody is different, so they need to be
careful.  Currently I am on the same dose of insulin on the pump that I was
on during injections.  My basal rate is 55.6 units a day and before I was
taking 60 units of NPH.  (IP Readers, please, no comments about my dosage
being high-I am on steroids and I'm fat!)  The difference is that now my
morning BG is usually between 80 and 110.  Before, I never had a fasting BG
below 180!  It took almost 5 weeks to get me settled into the routine.  The
first 4 weeks I had moderate to high ketones everyday, felt absolutely
dreadful, spent more than one evening in the ER ruling out DKA and wanted
to quit.  But now, all the anguish was worth it.  Reading this digest has
really helped me to see that everyone has a different experience on the
pump, but that is what is good about it.  It returns your life to what YOU
want it to be.  You are no longer pressed into the same mold that using NPH
and R requires.  Hang in there-Friday's coming-along with cake to celebrate!!!

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98

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