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[IP] RE fray check

> Doug Franklin <email @ redacted>
> I am a 35 year old male and have had Type I diabetes
> for approximately 14 years.  It took about a year, but my
> doctor finally talked me into an insulin pump.  I have used
> a MiniMed 507C for about three weeks to date.  At first
> mention of a pump, I was extremely skeptical and was
> sure that it wasn't for me.  Presently, my feelings about the
> pump are almost 100% positive.

My situation is very similar (13 years w/IDDM, 3 on the pump).  I totally relate to the reluctance and the
joy of finally making the switch.

> fray-check.

I've never heard of this stuff, and now 2 people have mentioned it here.  Where the heck can I get some?!
All my pockets have holes, so it would be very helpful.


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